100 Authorization


210Mission Statement

Mission Revision Schedule

211 Shared Governance

Organizational Structure

GPC Policy Manual Review Schedule

Statement of Non-Discrimination


301.01 Faculty Workload Policy

303.0105 Curriculum and Academic Policy Proposals

303.0106 New Program Development

303.0110 Curriculum - Common Course Outline

303.0111 Course Syllabi & Faculty Syllabus Checklist

303.0112 Attendance

303.0701 Procedure for Conference and Seminar Requests

304.50 Grade Appeal

304.60 Grade Change

305.01 Academic Program Review

310 Withdrawals

311 Independent Study

313 Travel - Study Programs In US (Policy deleted - refer to Policy 313.50)

313.50 Study Abroad

313.75 Study Abroad Pay/Summer Pay for Study Abroad Teaching

314 Field Trips

315 Guidelines for Completion of Programs of Study

316 Archiving of Grades and Final Exams

317 Alternate Coverage of Classes

318 Library Facilities and Materials Use

318.0100 Annual Review of Formal Learning Resources Agreements

319.50 Policy replaced on 7-27-00 with Policy 1104

321 Text Selection

322 Faculty Overloads

322.01 Teaching of One Evening Class Per Year for Part-time Pay

322.02 Released Time From Instruction for Full-Time Faculty

322.03 Part-Time Faculty Workloads

323 Guidelines for Reviewing Programs of Study

325 Infection Control in Biology Laboratories

326 Infection Control in Dental Hygiene

327 Infection Control in Nursing Skills Laboratory

328 Infection Control in the Hospital Setting

329 Infection Control in CPR Courses

330 Continuing Education Course Program Proposal

330.01 Continuing Education Common Course Outline

331 Literary Publications

332 - English 098 Early Exit (Deleted from GPC Policy Manual. Approved for deletion by CAB 11-15-01.)

333 Policy 333 - Distance Learning

334 Policy 334 - Options for ESL Students

335 Honors Faculty

336 Course Reinstatement


401 Academic Honesty

401.0101 Academic Renewal

401.02 Student Discrimination Grievance

Policy 401.0201 Statement of Non-Discrimination
(Revised 10-17-02 and moved to Section 200)

402.0101 Freshman Admissions

402.0107 Transfer Admissions - Acceptance of Transfer Credit

402.0113 Joint Enrollment/Early Admissions

402.0114 Joint Enrollment Admissions Replaced by Policy 402.0113

402.0505 Admission Requirements for Students Other Than U.S. Citizens

403 Appeals Process for Residency Classification

404.01 Regents' Scholarships

404.03 Regents' Financial Assistance - Financial Needs Analysis

405 Infants and Underage Children in Classrooms and Administrative Offices

406 College Court

406.034 Student Conduct Code

406.035 Alcohol on Campus

406.036 Drugs on Campus

406.038 Tobacco Use on Campus

407 Academic Policies for Financial Aid

408 AIDS Guidelines

409 Adopt-A-School Guidelines

410 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

411 Sexual Assault

412 Sales & Solicitation

413 Free Expression

414 Display of Non-College Publications

415 Student Organization Fund Raising Projects

416 Orientation Policy and Procedures

417 Students' Role in Institutional Decision Making

418 Cell Phone Use Policy


503.0105 Continuing Education (Non-Credit Instruction)  


601.05 Research Involving Georgia Perimeter College Personnel and Students

609 Grant Applications


701 Budget Development and Administration

702 Coordination Between Campuses and Financial and Administrative Services

706.05 Travel Regulations

707.07 Purchasing Authority and Purchase Request

711.0504 Vehicle Regulations/Impoundment

711.10 Acceptance of Gift Books and Materials for the Learning Resources Center Units

711.11 Donated Property

711.14 Acceptance of Cash Contributions

711.16 Payment of Per Diem and Fees

711.17 Reimbursing Coaches for Recruiting Expenses

711.18 Payment of Team or Group Travel From Student Activity Funds

711.19 Reimbursing Students for Expenses Incurred for a College Sponsored Club or Organization  


800.01 Pre-Employment Drug Testing Policy

802.02 Age Criteria

800.02 & 800.02.01 Academic Department Chairs and Procedural Steps for Selection of Department Chairs

800.03 Continuing Education Assignment/Faculty

802.03 Employment of Relatives

802.035 Criminal History Check and Criminal History Check Consent Form

802.05 Faculty Credentials

802.06 Employee Orientation

802.07 Faculty Compensation Policy

802.07a Summer Assignments/Compensation, Faculty

802.0801 Leave/Sick Leave With Pay

802.0803 Leave/Sick Leave Without Pay

802.0804 Leave/Family and Medical Leave Policy

802.08041 Military Leave Policy

802.0806 Leave/Educational Leave Without Pay

802.0807 Leave/Professional Enhancement Leave

802.0808 Leave/Professional Leave for Academic Year Faculty

802.0809 Faculty/Staff Professional Travel

802.0810 Miscellaneous Leave

802.1610 Outside Activities

802.17 Career Development

802.18 Policy and Procedures on Sexual Harassment

802.19 Drug-Free Workplace Policy

802.21 Personnel Files

802.22 Visitors While At Work

802.31 Employment of Foreign Nationals

802.40 Policy for the Use of Tobacco on Campus

802.50 AIDS Guidelines

802.802 Leave/Sick Leave with Pay/Faculty

802.903 Employment Beyond Retirement

803.0204 Guidelines for Search Committee Expenditures

803.0806 Promotion Criteria for Faculty

803.0906 Tenure Criteria for Faculty

803.0907 Tenure Criteria for Academic Administrators

803.1407 Tuition Assistance Plan (formerly Tuition Remission & Reimbursement)

803.16 Vacation

803.1705 Emeritus Status for Faculty

803.19 Employment Procedures for Memo One Personnel

803.20 Employment of Full-Time Faculty

803.21 Employment of Professional & Administrative Personnel

803.22 Employment of Full -Time Staff Personnel

803.2201 Guidelines for Publicizing Full-Time Professional Position Vacancies

803.2202 Employment of Part-Time Faculty

803.2203 Recruitment of Faculty (Full-Time)

803.23 Reassignment and Transfer of Personnel Among Campuses

804 Right To Know

804.20 Classified Personnel Performance Evaluation (Non-Exempt)

805 Hazardous Chemicals

805.01 Employee Discrimination Grievance Procedure

806 Voluntary Disclosure of Drug Use

806.01 Disciplinary Procedures for Classified Employees

807 Workplace Violence

914.05 Guidelines for Use of Georgia Perimeter College Facilities

915 Interim Procedural Guidelines for Use of the Jim Cherry Learning Resources Center (JCLRC)

916.01 The Allocation and Reallocation of Building Space


1001.05 Publicity - Communications with the Media

1001.0501 Publicity - Communications Regarding Campus Events

1001.06 Publicity - Communications with the Media Athletics

1001.07 Publicity - Placement of Advertising

1001.08 Publications - Equal Access - Equal Opportunity Policy Statement

1002.06 Procedure for Printing College Newsletters

1002.08 Publications - Equal Access - Equal Opportunity Policy Statement

1002.09 Publications - Development of Brochures

1002.10 Publications - Distribution of Admissions Bulletins and Catalogs 

1008 Printing of College Materials

1009 Official Use of Georgia Perimeter College Stationery and/or Postage

1010 Emergency Policy and Procedures for Inclement Weather


1101 Appropriate Use of IT Resources

    1101.01 Guidelines for the Appropriate Use of IT Resources

1102 Faculty and Staff Email Policy

1103 Student Email Policy

1104 Acquisition, Allocation and Management of Information Technology

1105 College World Wide Web (WWW) Site

1106 Student Technology Fee

    1106.01 Student Technology Fee Guidelines

1107 Third Party Software and Services Policy

1108 Wireless Network Policy

1109 IT Project Management Policy

1151 Enterprise Information Security Policy

1152 Information Security Roles and Responsibilities Policy

1153 Personnel Security Policy

1154 Information Security Awareness and Training Policy

1155 Data Classification and Handling Policy

1156 Access Control Policy

1157 Password Management Policy

1158 Anti-Virus Software Policy

1159 Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Policy

1160 Data Backup and Recovery Policy

1161 Information Security Incident Response Policy

1162 Configuration and Vulnerability Management Policy

1163 Virtual Private Network

    1163.01 Virtual Private Network Procedures

1164 Encryption Techniques Policy

1165 Change Management Policy

1166 Software Development Security Policy

1167 Physical and Environmental Security Policy


1200 Office of Institutional Research and Planning Mission, Purpose, and Scope of Responsibility

1210 Institutional Review Board (IRB) Policy and Procedures


1908 Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Service Areas of the College - Needs to be reviewed by the Institutional Effectiveness Policy Council

1910 Guidelines for Requesting Subscriptions and Institutional Memberships

1920 Interim Policy and Procedures on Reproducing Copyrighted Material