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"...the order and structure of a kaleidoscope comes from three mirrors held together in a perfect triangle, the surprise element comes from pieces and bits of colored glass allowed to freely move according to rotation. These three mirrors represent the structural parts of our lives that we cannot ignore to be happy. Traditionalist call them the body, soul, and spirit. Stephen Covey identifies them as living (which is answering the needs of the body), loving, learning (the attributes of the soul in the faculties of the emotions and intellect) and leaving a legacy (by the spirit which links us to eternity and posterity)."
Pin Pin Chau, 1997
Kaleidoscope is a highly successful leadership/training institute for women of color.  This institute is used widely by women of color educators based on the rationale that there is significant value in diverse groups coming together to build national support networks.  It is also essential to honor one's one 'divine humanness'; to understand that different adds another meaningful dimension to what we as humans bring to life on this planet Earth.  It is important for each group to interact with, and improve communications with, ethnic groups other than their own.
 The objectives of this institute are to within the context and experiences as Women of Color:
          -  to discuss issue facing leaders of educational institutions
          -  to explore the workplace challenges within higher education
          -  to increase communications between other ethnic groups & within your ethnic group
          -  to create networking opportunities and mentorships
          -  to examine strategies for success
The institute seeks to provide interaction strategies to enable participants to feel safe, to personally share their own feelings and uncertainties, and through their interactions, to develop real connections with other cultural groups.  This goal will be accomplished by having women of color presidents/CEOs share personal and professional experiences in an interactive environment.  This program will deal with the awkward issues that keep different cultural groups from connecting in a way that is crucial for better understanding.
This institute will assist in preparing for and gaining leadership positions in higher education.  It will also assist those in leadership positions in gaining a greater understanding of ethnic differences and similarities to strengthen their own leadership skills.  It will also provide some models for workshops at their own colleges to build better teams among diverse groups.






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