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What options are available for grading work electronically online?  Georgia Perimeter College has invested in two ways to grade student work electronically online:  iCollege and



iCollege is the name for the GPC learning management system.  Within iCollege there a number of options for grading individual student or group work:
  • Grading forms - Grading forms are rubrics that can be used to grade assignments, assessments, or discussion boards.  Forms can also be assigned as the method for assessing any grading column within the grade book.  That means that the grading form can be used to assess class participation or other assignments that are not completed and turned in digitally within iCollege.
  • Discussion Boards - Discussion boards are forums where students can post and reply to discussion topics related to course content.  Discussion boards can be graded based on a numeric grade, alphanumeric grade, or grading form.
  • Assignments - Assignments are places where students submit electronic work via text or attachment.  Assignments can be assigned to individuals or groups and can be graded based on a numeric grade, alphanumeric grade, or grading form.
  • Assessments - Assessments are quizzes, tests, and exams that are completed electronically.  There a number of options for protecting the integrity of the assessment.  Assessments can be graded based on a numeric grade or grading form.  Secure testing software is also available for use.
  • Online Grade Book - The online grade book provides anytime access to student progress in the course.  Grade columns can be automatically generated for discussion boards, assignments, and assessments.  You can also add additional columns for work not completed within iCollege.

turnitin is famous for its ability to detect plagiarism in student work.  In addition to this service, faculty can use the GradeMark or PeerMark tool to assess work.  


GradeMark is a tool for faculty assessment of student work submitted to Turnitin.  It includes saved comments that can be dragged to key locations in a student document as well as the option to use custom comments or rubrics for assessing work.


PeerMark is a tool for peer assessment of student work submitted to  You can randomly or intentionally assign work to students for peer review.  The student review of work can be based on questions that you pre-assign or by rubric.

Using These Online Grading Tools:

If you have questions about these online grading tools or would like support in using them, please contact your campus Instructional Technologist or submit a ServiceDesk request.  Training materials and classes are available on these tools on a regular basis.

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