Streaming Media at GPC

windows media logoIf you are concerned with the connection speed of your audience or you don't want them to retain downloaded copies of the media, streaming is likely your best option.
Streaming is a way of delivering media files so that the file is received incrementally rather than fully downloaded.  This protects the file from being downloaded and re-published by users. 

Windows Media Streaming

The college provides a Windows Streaming Media server for faculty and staff of the college to use.  With a Windows Media Streaming server account, you will be able to store media files in a folder on the streaming server.  Then you can link to these streaming files from your website or iCollege course.  However, only .wma (audio) and .wmv (video) files can be streamed from GPC’s Windows Media Streaming server.
To obtain an account please contact the Service Desk and ask that Windows Streaming Media space be created for you.  Review this training document to learn more about streaming in general, creating streaming files, and how to upload files to the Windows Streaming Server. Consultation with an Instructional Technologist is strongly recommended.

GPC Rewind

GPC Rewind can also be used to stream lectures.

When to use the Windows Media Streaming or GPC Rewind?

  Can stream audio/video? Provides tools to create streaming audio/video ? Provides tools to edit audio/video podcasts? Tools to edit and create are available to full and part-time employees Can capture a live classroom recording and automatically upload? Requires VPN to Upload or FTP files?
USG Podcast and GPC Rewind Features Table
Windows Media Stremaing Yes No; requires additional software on computer. No; requires additional software on computer. No No Yes
GPC Rewind Yes Yes; with Personal Capture option. Yes; with the Personal Capture option. Yes Yes Yes
In summary, GPC Rewind may be the best option for creating streaming audio or video for full and part-time employees because there are simple tools for creating and editing the files available at no cost to the employee for use on their personal or college computer.

Special Streaming Options

  • Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing, formerly known as Wimba Classroom,is an online meeting place available at GPC.  Meetings held in Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing can be recorded using the built-in archiving feature.  These archives be accessed as a streaming file from within iCollege.
  • Wimba Voice Tools Suite is a suite of voice recording, voice discussion, and voice podcasting tools integrated into iCollege.  The voice recording (streaming) tool is a quick way for an instructor to create audio content for use in within iCollege without needing specialized software.  The voice discussion feature is a great way for students to be able to respond to each other with audio without needing specialized software.

Using the Windows Media Streaming server or GPC Rewind

If you have any questions or concerns about using the Windows Media Streaming server or GPC Rewind, please contact your campus instructional technologist or submit a ServiceDesk Request.  Training materials and classes are available for creating streaming media.

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