New from Info Security - Secure Email

GPC Information Security has implemented a solution providing a secure way to send email containing sensitive information, including file attachments, to any external email recipient.
Please note that this solution is limited for use only when sending email to recipients outside of GPC.  It will not work when sending email to other GPC email accounts.  Sending secure email to students is supported.
Following are examples of sensitive data for which secure email must be used when sending to external recipients:
  • Social Security Numbers and Federal ID Numbers
  • Driver’s license numbers
  • Banking and other financial account data
  • Payment card numbers (debit and credit)
  • Protected health information (HIPAA)
  • Passwords and PINs
  • Encryption keys
  • Any other sensitive information, such as FERPA data, etc.
If you have a need to send this type of information, you can now protect those communications with the secure email system.  Click here for instructions.
Please contact the OIT Service Desk at 678-891-3460 or if you have any questions.