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Network Access Control (NAC)
OIT requires additional steps to access the wired and wireless network to ensure the security of network and computing resources. Network access to services including websites, email, internet/intranet, network shares, and printing requires the use of authentication (entering a username/password) via Network Access Control (NAC).
Employees that use a GPC owned computer will automatically be given access to the campus network (wired or wireless) when they sign-in to their computers. OIT deployed an agent program (Cisco Clean Access Agent) that allows for single sign on from these computers.
Based on your role within GPC, there are limits on the number of computers that you can log into simultaneously for access to the GPC network.
  1. GPC Faculty and Staff can log into two separate machines simultaneously for access to the GPC network.
  2. GPC students can only login into one machine simultaneously for access to the GPC network.
  3. GPC guests can only login into one machine simultaneously for access to the GPC network.
There are time limits on how long a user can access the GPC network after successfully authenticating with the NAC.
Session limits are based on the following roles:
  1. GPC Faculty and Staff - 12 hours
  2. GPC students - 4 hours
  3. GPC guests - 8 hours
You will have to re-authenticate against the NAC once the session limit is reached.
Cisco Clean Access Agent
The Cisco Clean Access Agent is a small application installed on GPC owned computers that will allow employees to seamlessly login to their computer and the NAC at one time. Employees will only have to login to their GPC computer and the Cisco Clean Access Agent will authenticate them on the NAC.
Employees using GPC owned computers will automatically have the Cisco Clean Access Agent installed. GPC computers with Microsoft Windows will show the Cisco Clean Access Agent in the System Tray. The System Tray is located in the lower right corner of your desktop.
If you should find that the agent is not installed, please contact the Service Desk - Phone: 678-891-3460 or Email: Service Desk.
Employees, students, and guests using their personal computer or mobile device do not have to have the Cisco Clean Access Agent.  If you’re an employee that does not have the agent installed, or if you’re a student using a personal laptop, then please do the following:
  • Open a web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc) before network access will be granted.
  • Upon opening the browser, you will be automatically redirected to the GPC Network Authentication login page.
  • Select the correct provider (GPC Faculty-Staff, GPC Student, Guest)
  • Log in using your GPC username and password.
If your browser does not automatically take you to the NAC login page, try entering an address into the address bar such as  If that does not work, close your browser and try again.

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