Faculty Clicker Information

Why should I use clickers in my classroom?
Faculty can use clicker devices to:
  • Checking for Understanding – Instructors can ask questions that requires students to use and apply what they have learned. Students and instructors will be able to immediately assess the progress of the class as a whole and each student in particular in developing an understanding of course material.
  • Assess Prior Knowledge and Understanding – Instructors can gauge what students already know as well as ask questions to activate relevant knowledge that will aid in learning new material.
  • Quantify Course Participation – Using the associated Results Manager software, instructors can award participation grades based on how many questions students respond to each day.
Can I get training on clickers?
Yes, from OIT and from i>clicker.
Are i>clicker and iCollege integrated?
Yes, Instructors can add an i>clicker registration link to their iCollege classes via the External Learning Tool.  This will allow students to enter the serial number of their clicker device into iCollege so that the device is now associated with their name.
Instructor's can then use the Windows or Mac version of the i>clicker software to pull the roster of devices and names and have them integrated into the i>clicker software specifically the Gradebook.
Do I have to use i>clicker and iCollege integration?
No, Instructors can simply use i>clicker and alternative methods for associating a student's name with their device and responses.
Can I “try” clickers in my classroom without having my students buy a clicker?
Yes, each campus has ONE classroom set of 30 student devices and an instructor kit that may be borrowed for a maximum of ONE semester by an instructor for use in his/her class(es).  Class sets are loaned out on a first come, first served basis.  Please fill out the form to request a loaner set.
How do I adopt clickers for use in my class?
Once you know that you would like to use clickers in your class(es), please follow steps below.
  • Notify Bookstore as you would for a textbook.  In many cases, this is done through your department's administrative assistant at the same time you inform the bookstore of your textbook selection.
  • Add as a required item on your syllabus
  • Complete the Adoption Form in order to receive your instructor’s kit.
I currently have a Turning Technologies instructor kit.  How do I exchange it for a i>clicker instructor kit?
  • Complete the Adoption Form to receive your instructor’s kit.
  • Return any Turning Technologies Instructor Kits to Tracy Adkins, OIT, Lakeside via Campus Mail.  Include any student devices if applicable.
Can I trade my Turning Technologies class set for a i>clicker class set?
Class sets of Turning Technologies student devices will not be replaced for free by OIT or i>clicker.
You may purchase new i>clicker student devices from your department funds.  You will receive the instructor kit by completing the Adoption Form.  In the comments section you can request a quote for the student devices.
One of my students has a Turning Technologies device, how do they get an i>clicker device?
The student may purchase an i>clicker device from the GPC bookstore.  Then they may go to a website to be provided by i>clicker and request a $10 rebate.  In order to qualify for the mail-in rebate, the student must:
  • Purchase a NEW i>clicker device.
  • Retain their sales receipt.
  • Retain the UPC bar code from the original packaging.
  • Mail in the GPC-specific rebate form plus the sales receipt and bar code.
Can students use a smart phone or laptop as a clicker?
The GPC Office of Information Technology and the Academic Technology Advisory Committee do not support the use of “web clicking” or “apps”.  If a student chooses to purchase a subscription for web clicking, please be aware that if they have any issues related to it during class they will not receive technical support from GPC.  The Office of Information Technology recommends that students consult their instructor prior to making any final decisions on web clicking subscriptions.  The Office of Information Technology also recommends that instructors notify students via their syllabus and their SIS/Banner Course Note that web clicking subscriptions are not recommended.

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