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What is Digital Transformation Week?

Digital Transformation Week is a series of discussion panels and forums designed for faculty, staff, and students to help identify areas for college-wide growth and exploration as the college prepares to keep up with the demands and expectations in the areas of digital content such as eTextbooks and apps as well as mobile devices.  This event is sponsored by the Academic Technology Advisory Committee and planned in close coordination with OIT.
Digital Transformation Week will begin with an opening talk discussing the goals for the week, followed by approximately 10 panel discussions, concluding with open forums for the college community to provide input on how to develop a roadmap to move GPC through the digital transformation.

Who is invited?

All GPC faculty, staff, and students are invited to attend Digital Transformation Week events.

Why are we holding Digital Transformation Week?

The iTeach program, which has been studying the use of mobile devices as part of classroom learning, has prompted us to explore such topics as etextbooks and other digital content that instructors might utilize to engage students in the learning and enhance the learning experience.  Based on what we have learned through programs such as iTeach, preparing an institution for the digital transformation takes cooperation from many areas: technology, administration, academics, and student affairs. Institutions must look at key areas such as how mobile devices are supported, classroom and syllabus policies on technology usage, textbook and content selection, financial aid issues, and faculty development issues.

When is Digital Transformation Week?

The week of April 2-6, 2012.
See the schedule for daily details.

How can I participate?

Digital Transformation Week events will be available on multiple campuses through video conferencing.  Please see the schedule for specific locations.
Many discussions will be recorded and available on the Digital Transformation Week website approximately a week after the event.
Please consider attending at least one discussion and the open forums.

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