Editing GPC Rewind Lectures

  • Log in to your GPC Rewind account with your Georgia Perimeter College credentials at http://rewind.gpc.edu.
  • From the list of Available/Unavailable captures, select the recording you wish to edit by clicking on it.
  • On the page that follows, scroll to the bottom and click on the green "Edit Media" button.  A new window will appear displaying the capture editor.
Above is an image of the GPC Rewind (Echo 360) capture editor.  The top-right section displays the recording of your screen activity during your lecture.
The large blue bar in the middle of the screen is your timeline or playback bar.  Notice the flag in the screenshot indicating its current playback time (00:00:51 = 51 seconds).
You can jump to content at any time in the recording by clicking any point within the timeline.
Use the yellow triangles to select portions of your recording to remove content.  Note that audio and video are edited through the same timeline.
The above image displays an example highlighting a section with the yellow triangle placeholders for editing.
When you wish to cut out your selected content, click the scissor icon.
You can also trim the beginning and ending of your video through the use of the bookend arrows at the left and right of the blue bar, respectively.  Dragging either arrow will remove content behind it.
After you begin making edits to your recording, you will notice events appearing in the Edit tab in the top-left part of the screen.  You can use this list to undo your edits should you choose.
The Preview tab allows you to view your capture with the edits you have made so far. 
When you have finished editing, click the Save tab and enter a description of this edit version, if desired.
Click Process Edits.  This will save your edits and reprocess your recording so it can be viewed with the adjustments you have made.
When your recording is ready for publishing, please ensure you make it Available in your list of Echoes.  It will not be published (iCollege, RSS/iTunes) until made Available.

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