Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How do I schedule a lecture capture?
A:  Click here.
Q:  Where do I log into GPC Rewind?
A:  After you have requested your course to be captured, go to http//  Use your GPC email username and password to login.
Q:  Where do my captures appear in iCollege?
A:  Captures appear in your Course Tools menu within the GPC Rewind link.  Clicking on this will launch the EchoCenter feed, a page displaying links to all recorded lectures that you have chosen to make available to students.

Q:  When will my capture be ready for viewing?
A:  After a lecture is captured it must be processed by the system server to view or edit.  Processing times can vary depending on length of video and rank in processing queue.  You can check the status of your capture by logging in to the GPC Rewind website and clicking the Monitor tab.  Similar information can also be found by clicking on the recording under the Echoes tab and scrolling to the bottom of the page.  Making any edits to your capture will require reprocessing of your media.  As a  result, your newly-edited capture will not be available until after it has been reprocessed.  Note:  all recordings are made Unavailable by default.  You must make each recording Available to publish to students.
Q:  How do I edit my capture?
A:  Under the Echoes tab, click on the title of the capture you wish to edit.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the green Edit Media button.  For detailed instructions, click here.
Q:  How do I make my captures Available for viewing?
A:  As a presenter, you have the option to render your captures Unavailable - meaning that it can not be viewed by others.  However, while Unavailable, captures may be edited.  To make your captures viewable to students via iCollege, RSS feeds (or optionally iTunes U), you must make it "Available" by clicking the check box next to the desired capture and selecting "Make Available" in the drop-down menu.  By default, all recordings are initially Unavailable.
Q:  How do I check on the status of my captures? 
A:  Log in to https// and click on the Monitor tab.  This will display the progress of processing recordings.  You can also click on the Echoes tab and select the lecture you wish to check.  This page displays key information regarding your recordings.  Scroll to the bottom to view processing status and a list of edited versions.
Q:  How do I rename my lecture titles?
A:  To change the title of your lectures, click on the recording under the Echoes tab.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the blue Edit button.  Under Event Description, you can change the title.  After editing, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the blue Save button.

Q:  Certain capture aren't displaying in iCollege/EchoCenter.  Where are they? 
A:  After capturing, allow your media to be processed by the servers and ensure that you make it Available after you have reviewed it.  Lecture capture links will not be active in iCollege/EchoCenter until made Available by the instructor.
Q:  Can lectures be viewed on mobile devices?
A:  GPC Rewind lectures can be viewed on iOS and Android devices by clicking on the respective EchoCenter link with your device.

Q:  Why is there no sound in my recording?
A:  Please ensure that your podium microphone is not muted, with the square button registering green and the level set to approximately 50%.  For lecture capture tips, please visit this page.
Q:  Why is there an intro/outro image and watermark on my capture? 
A:  GPC inserts various types of branding into Rewind content to assist in the protection of intellectual property.
Q:  Where do I find the RSS feeds/presentation link/EchoCenter link for my lectures?
A:  Request feeds, if desired.  Login to the GPC Rewind page.  Click on the Echoes tab and select a lecture.  The available links are located at the top of the following page.  RSS feeds, if selected, are also located at the bottom of the EchoCenter page.
Q:  How can I link my RSS feeds to iTunes?
A:  If you've requested RSS feeds of your lectures (videos published to feeds only when made available) you can place them in iTunes to download lectures as video podcasts.  After which, lecture captures are saved locally and can be transferred to iOS devices for offline viewing.  To do this:
Windows and Mac OSX - click on the recording under the Echoes tab, at the top of the page you will find your RSS feeds.  Copy this.  Open iTunes and click on the Advanced menu, select Subscribe to Podcast and paste the RSS feed in the URL window.  Click Ok.
Q:  What is GPC's retention policy for lecture capture media?
A:  GPC will retain raw media files (H.264/AAC) for a period of 1 semester (after date of each recording).  During this period, faculty may make edits to their lectures.  After the raw files are deleted, edits will no longer be possible.  However, processed lecture media will be retained for a period of 2 years.  If faculty or academic departments wish to archive lectures after this two year period, they must download and maintain their media individually.
Q:  Which campuses/classrooms are equipped with GPC Rewind?
A:  GPC Rewind classrooms are as follows:
         Alpharetta:  AA2130, AA2145
         Clarkston:  CC2170, CH1100/2100, CH2160, CI1700
         Decatur:  SB2200, SB2240
         Dunwoody:  NE0150, NE0190, NE0310
         Newton:  1N3140
Q:  What is Personal Capture?
A:  Personal Capture is a function of GPC Rewind that allows faculty to record lectures from their personal computers, edit the recordings and post to iCollege.  Currently, Personal Capture software licenses are available to a limited number of online faculty.
Q:  Where can I find Fair Use copyright information?
A:  Click here.

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