GPC Rewind - Personal Capture Request (Online Faculty Only)

Online faculty members that wish to use GPC Rewind Personal Capture should complete the following form.  Personal Capture is recommended to record lecture captures outside of the classroom via personal computer and is not intended for live-classroom capture.

NOTE:  You must complete this form BEFORE the start of EVERY SEMESTER listing all the sections you will be using with GPC Rewind Personal Capture.


Enter only GPC email in the format of
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4-digit course number (add H for Honors courses)  EX: 1212, 1111, 2112H
3-digit section number



Copyright Acknowledgement*
By clicking the button below, I understand that my content will be streamed over the Internet.  As a result, I confirm that all materials included in my GPC Rewind lectures comply with appropriate copyright laws.  I hereby state that my content adheres to Fair Use, as defined by United States Copyright law, or that I have been granted expressed permission to use said content by its owner.
GPC Rewind Personal Capture system requirements are as follows:
  • Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista or 7)
  • Mac OSX (currently NOT supported)
  • A built-in or supported external microphone and/or video camera.
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