Lecture Capture Tips

  • On the day(s) of your lecture(s), arrive to your classroom a little early to set up.
  • Log in to the podium computer or connect your laptop to the podium VGA connector.
  • Prepare all your screen display materials to ensure an on-time start with the recording - EX:  load PowerPoint presentations, locate images or other media for retrieval, ensure links are accurate, etc.
  • If you wish to change your display input (podium computer, laptop, doc cam, etc.) use the wall switches near the podium.  These sources will be captured by the system when selected.  Note that DVD or movie capture is not recommended as GPC Rewind is not configured for high frame-rate playback.
  • Locate the microphone and volume knob.  Ensure that the knob is adjusted to approximately 50% power for best results.  If your podium makes use of a touch-panel, ensure recording volume is appropriate on-screen.
  • Conduct the lecture as you would any other, however, remember that ALL screen material will be captured.  Avoid checking email or engaging in other personal activities while recording is in progress or, if necessary, edit it out after lecture.
  • Be sure to stay near the microphone while speaking. Direct loud or undesirable noises (coughs, sneezes, etc.) away from microphone to ensure a quality playback.
  • When completed, you may edit your lecture by logging in to https://rewind.gpc.edu and selecting your capture.  Once you have completed editing/reprocessing and wish to share your capture, ensure that you make it Available by checking the box on the left and selecting “Make Available” from the Actions menu.
Some Lecture Capture Tips for PowerPoint Slides
  • Remember that lecture captures will be viewed by students on a variety of devices and through different screen sizes.  Ensure screen content can be viewed efficiently.
  • Use fonts of 20 points or greater.
  • Use san-serif fonts such as Arial and Helvetica.
  • Limit the number of bullet points presented per slide.  Start with limit at four and experiment with increasing.

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