Faculty Equipment Checkout

Reserve an Equipment Kit ButtonComing Soon! Academic Technology will launch a pilot faculty equipment checkout program at the Alpharetta Center.  Faculty will be able to checkout audio and visual equipment so that they can bring authentic imagery, sound, and video to their informational and educational products.
Once the pilot is complete, the checkout program will begin expanding to each of the other campuses at Georgia Perimeter College.

Equipment Available for Checkout

Rebel Camera ImageCanon Rebel Kit (Canon Rebel T1i Camera)

Do you want to take pictures of your students collaborating, performing, interacting?  Do you want to be able to take high quality pictures at a historic, scenic, or informative location to use in instructional or informational materials?
The Rebel Camera is an easy to use SLR camera that takes extraordinarily vivid high quality images.  These images can be used in slideshows, presentations, documents, videos, or other multimedia products.

Zoom Audio RecorderZoom Audio Kit (Zoom H1 Audio Recorder)

Do you want to to record studio quality audio with an easy to use and portable device?  Do you want to capture a conversation, interview, or performance?  Would ambient or nature sounds be an intriguing addition to instructional or informational products?
If so, you can use the easy-to-use and highly portable Zoom audio recorder to capture high quality audio in both MP3 and Wav format.  Depending on your settings, you can capture up to 80 hours of audio.

flip video cameraFlip Video Kit (Flip Ultra HD Video Camera)

Would you like to record video of your students at work?  Is there an interview, speaker, performance, or other interaction that you would like to record?
The Flip video camera is an easy to use HD video recorder that can record up to two hours of high quality video.  It has a handy USB arm that allows you to quickly download video straight to a computer.  

canon camcorderCanon Camcorder Kit (Canon VIXIA Camcorder)

Are you looking to record really high quality video with a camera that has more features than the Flip?  Is quality more important to you than ease of use?
If so, then you're ready to move up to the ??? video camera.  This camera records HD video on an SD card and has quite a bit more features than the basic Flip camera.  

Shure SM58Shure Microphone Kit (Shure SM58 Microphone & Stand)

Are you wanting to record a lecture or a podcast for your students, but you want to use a high quality microphone instead of the built-in?  
The Shure microphone and stand will record excellent quality audio while you do a voice over or narration for a movie, lecture capture, or audio podcast.

extended audio kitExtended Audio Kit

This kit provides additional audio equipment that can be used to record audio in a variety of settings.  
It is a wireless microphone kit that includes a lavalier microphone and a head-worn microphone.  This set is useful when you want to record a presenter or from a distance. 
Logitech headset

Logitech Headset Kit (Logitech Headset Mic)

Do you have an online meeting or training, but don't have a headset mic?  Do you want to record audio for a multimedia or audio project, buy you are willing to sacrifice a little bit of quality for ease of use?
You can check out a Logitech headset mic for use in online meeting spaces or for audio recording.

LaCie Rugged Hard Disk hard drive - 500 GBLaCie Hard Drive Kit (Rugged Hard Disk hard drive - 500 GB)

Do you need temporary storage for a large project?  Is your computer being upgraded and you want a backup of all of your files?
A 500 GB LaCie external hard drive is available for checkout for temporary backup needs.

Tripod Kit (Tripod for Canon Camera or Camcorder)

If you check out the Canon Rebel Kit or the Canon Camcorder Kit, you may want the stability of shot that a tripod affords.  You can checkout a tripod either in combination with one of these kits or on its own, if you already  have a camera.

Accessory Equipment

In addition to the above equipment, peripheral and accessory equipment like camera bags, tripods, memory cards, and more are available for checkout and, in some cases, are included as part of the kit.

Faculty Equipment Checkout Kit Catalog

Please use the equipment catalog below to view what each kit is for as well as what items are available in each kit.

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