Developing Individual Webpages for GPC Employees

Georgia Perimeter College provides an opportunity for both academic and administrative departments as well as individual faculty and staff to create websites.  Departments can create websites to serve their audience and faculty and staff can create websites to provide biographical information, course information, etc.
When an academic or administrative department creates a website it is associated with the '' domain.  When faculty and staff create websites they are associated with the '' domain.  That means that the web address will begin differently depending on whether the website is a faculty/staff website or a department website.  

Getting Started with an Employee Website:

  1. Requesting a Web Directory:  If you do not already have a website, send an email to the GPC Service Desk requesting that a web directory be created for you or your department.  It is highly recommended that departmental information be stored on a departmental web directory.  When individuals leave the college, their website is removed.  Any departmental pages that are stored on the individual's website will be lost.  Please note that the following should be included in the email to the Service Desk when requesting a department web directory:
    1. Department head approval
    2. Description/Purpose
    3. The name of the person who will be responsible for this account.  This individual is responsible for sending the email and can disseminate the web directory account information to the appropriate individuals.
    4. Identify whether this is a district (college-wide) or campus department.
    5. Identify a desired directory name.  This will appear after the in the web address.  For example, the Alpharetta website is  The directory name is gpcalp.  Keep in mind that directory names can be only 8 characters long.
  2. Website Training & Support:  Before you begin creating your website, we recommend that you receive training on using the GPC supported web editor, FrontPage 2003. For training schedules, please visit the training sign up site.  In addition, you can contact your instructional technologist to request support or refer to the training handouts on FrontPage 2003.
  3. Department and Employee Templates:  Templates are available for both department and employee websites that maintain the GPC Look and Feel.  All department websites are required to adhere to the GPC Look and Feel Guidelines outlined in the Georgia Perimeter College Style Guide.
    1. Department Template Information
    2. Employee Template
  4. Requesting FrontPage 2003 Software:  If you do not have Microsoft FrontPage 2003, you can request a download for your work or home computer from the software request form.
  5. Publishing Your Website:  Once you have created your website, you can publish it using the FTP settings outlined in the Beginning Web Design using FrontPage 2003 handout.

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