Academic Technology Policies


Multimedia Policies/Procedures


General Policies/Procedures

Faculty/Staff using the streaming or podcasting servers are responsible for long term storage and backup of files. Users of the streaming or podcast servers should maintain additional copies of their files as part of their backup plan.
Files loaded to a server managed by Office of Information Technology (OIT) will be backed up according to the backup procedures established for those servers. 
Only the final products will be stored on the servers.  “Master” copies cannot be stored on servers as this is an unnecessary use of the storage space.
The number/size of files placed on the servers will be governed by the storage limits set by OIT.
Faculty/Staff who are creating audio/videos that may include students, GPC employees, or other people should have them sign a release form.
Faculty/Staff should not use copyrighted materials in their audio/videos unless permission is obtained. Please see the USG copyright policy. Do not assume that your use falls under "fair use"!

Retention Policy/Procedure

Audio and video content placed on the college’s streaming or podcast servers will remain on the server unless:
The faculty/staff member terminates from the college. 
When an employee is no longer employed their access to the server will be removed.  Employees will no longer be able to add content when their access is removed. Content will be permanently deleted 2 months after the employee leaves the college.
The College receives notification that copyrighted materials are being used inappropriately.
OIT will remove the offending content from the server and lock the account of the employee loading inappropriate content until a resolution to the issue can be made.  The content may be removed without prior notification to the employee.  If this should happen, the employee will be notified after such action has been taken.
The College deems the material to violate established college policy regarding the "Appropriate Use of IT Resources".
OIT will remove the offending content from the server and lock the account of the employee loading inappropriate content until a resolution to the issue can be made.  The content may be removed without prior notification to the employee.  If this should happen, the employee will be notified after such action has been taken.

Media Storage for Instructional Technology Projects

Beginning December 2009, the Academic Technology area of OIT will use the following procedure when assisting faculty and staff with media related projects.
Any projects that are worked on in the Instructional Design Labs will be stored on the machines in the lab space and a backup will be kept on external storage devices during the course of the project.  Faculty/Staff are also strongly encouraged to create backups of the project on their own storage devices.
Once the project is complete, the completed project will be:
Loaded to the appropriate server (i.e. streaming or podcasting), if necessary.
All files related to the project including the “master” copy and the final product will be given to the faculty/staff member on storage media such as DVD or CD. 
Two weeks after the completion of the project and the handing over of the files to the faculty/staff member the file(s) will be removed from the Instructional Design Lab computers and external storage devices.


Training Policies

Training classes are free and open all Georgia Perimeter College employees. Employees from any campus may attend classes on any other campuses. Employees who have attended a specific course previously are welcome to attend that same course again at any time, on any campus.
II.  Customized Training
We will gladly schedule training sessions specifically for departmental or other groups. A representative from the group should place a work order with the helpdesk to schedule training. A minimum of 3 participants are required. Times and dates are subject to the training personnel schedules and computer room availability (note: we can offer special training online via Wimba Classroom). If your group would like a modified version of a current training offering, we will try to accommodate that request whenever possible. Please let us know any specifics about your group's training needs as early as possible so we can develop training materials that are appropriate for your needs.
III.  Class Locations, Times, and Dates
The training schedule is planned one month at a time to allow maximum flexibility and to allow us to address changes in training needs. On all campuses, the times and dates are subject to computer room availability. In general, offerings will usually rotate between the Clarkston, Decatur, Dunwoody, Alpharetta, and Newton campuses each month in order to provide a fair opportunity for participation on all campuses. This  rotation is subject to computer room availability.

We also offer online instructor-led training via Wimba Classroom. Participants in our online training will receive an email when they register that includes the appropriate link and instructions for joining the session. For optimum experience we recommend a USB headset(note: OIT does not provide USB headsets to all employees-- you may need to work with your department head to purchase a headset) to fully participate in the audio portion of the training. However, you can also dial in to participate in the audio portion. There will be a 1800 number available after you enter the Wimba Classroom. Some online sessions are recorded and archived. These archived sessions may be made available to particpants or to the whole college.

We typically offer training Monday-Friday from 10a-Noon, 1p-3p, or 2p-4p. Occasionally we will offer evening classes and Saturday classes. If you have a special location, day, or time request please let us know.

IV.  Registration
It is important that participants use the online registration system to register for the desired classes. If you are unable to log into the system to register, please contact the GPC Service Desk 678-891-3460, send an email to, or visit to reset your password. Interested participants who are not registered may still attend a training course, but unregistered participants are not guaranteed a seat.  In the event that a class fills up, seating preference will be given to registered participants (see also Class Cancellation Policy).   
V.  Transcript Requests
At any time, you may request a transcript of classes that you have attended using the View My Transcript option in the Training Sign Up System.

To request a transcript, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Login using your GPC username and password.
  3. Click the View My Transcript link on the left menu.
  4. From the All Providers drop down list, select Instructional Technology (or the applicable training provider from whom you wish to obtain a transcript).
  5. Click Go.
If you have questions regarding your transcript, send an email to the Service Desk or submit a Service Desk ticket online.
VI. Class Cancellation Policy
We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule classes due to low registration or other extenuating circumstances. In general, every effort will be made to avoid canceling classes. However when it is necessary, participants who are registered for the class will be notified by e-mail as soon as it is possible. We also reserve the right to cancel classes with fewer than 3 participants registered. Any class that has zero (0) participants registered at least 2 hours before the scheduled class time is automatically cancelled.
VII. Recommendations and Suggestions
Please feel free to contact the helpdesk with any suggestions for classes to be added to the current offerings, changes in times or modifications to existing courses. While we cannot always accommodate every request, many new offerings are a result of employee suggestions.

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