GPC Supported Desktop Software

Georgia Perimeter College supports the use of a wide variety of desktop software.

Selected software applications are part of our regular training program. Please check the schedule for a class near you!  Course handouts are also provided for certain software resources.

General Use Software

Microsoft Office
Microsoft Office is a productivity suite that includes Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel among others.  This software is installed on all GPC computers.
Microsoft FrontPage Microsoft Frontpage 2003 is a website editing and publishing program.  This is the program that is used to create both department and faculty webpages.  This software is installed on all GPC computers
Respondus Respondus is a program for making and managing exam questions.  This tool can generate paper-based tests as well as publish exams to our learning management system, iCollege.  You can request this software using the software request form.
Wimba Create Wimba Create allows you to convert Word documents into web-based content for iCollege.  You can request this software using the software request form
wimba pronto Wimba Pronto is a desktop application for instant messaging.  This is a desktop application that must be installed, however it does not require a Service Desk request.
Turning Technologies Turning Technologies provides software for the use of clickers called Turning Technologies ResponseCards in the classroom.  These programs must be downloaded, but they do not require installation.  



Web Browsers

Internet Explorer Microsoft's Internet Explorer is one of the two general use browsers that are supported at Georgia Perimeter College.  It is installed on all GPC computers.
Mozilla Firefox Mozilla's Firefox Browser is the second general browser that is supported at Georgia Perimeter College.  It is also installed on all GPC computers.
Respondus Lockdown Browser is a specialized browser that can be used for conducting online tests in order to increase security and reduce cheating.



Operating Systems

Georgia Perimeter College is working toward becoming a dual-environment college.  Currently GPC support Windows 7 and Mac OS X Snow Leopard operating systems.
Windows 7 Operating System Windows 7:  Most computers at Georgia Perimeter College have recently been updated to Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system.  This is the primary operating system used by the college.
Snow Leopard Operating System Snow Leopard:  Georgia Perimeter College is beginning to support Apple's Mac OS X Snow Leopard Operating System.  Some computers at the college run this operating system but often with the option to run Microsoft Windows 7 as well.


Specialized Software

Specialty software is not generally available on standard GPC computers and requires installation by contacting the Service Desk or can be found in the Instructional Design Labs.  Through our product, Beyond Trust, certain applications and software such as Camtasia, Snagit, Respondus, Wimba Pronto, and iTunes can be installed and updated on your assigned desktop or laptop without contacting the Service Desk.  Visit the Beyond Trust webpage to see a list of approved resources.
Camtasia Camtasia is a screencapture software with optional integration into PowerPoint.  This is one option for capturing pre-recorded lectures.  This software must be purchased by your department, but does not require a Service Desk request for installation.
Windows Media Encoder Windows Media Encoder is a free software that allows you to capture audio, video, and screencapture.
Audacity Audacity is a free audio editor and recorder.  It can be used to create audio recordings and podcasts.
iTunes iTunes is an content aggregator software that organizes music, movies, podcasts, and more.
Adobe Creative Suite Adobe Creative Suite includes a number of high powered applications for working with multimedia such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, Fireworks, and more.  This software must be purchased by your department and does currently require a Service Desk request for installation.
Various Publisher Test Banks Publisher Test Banks are often provided with the purchase of any new textbook.  These test banks can be installed in order to generate both electronic and paper-based quizzes, tests, and exams.
VPN Software VPN Software allows you to connect to the GPC network from home.  Some updates and actions require you to be on the GPC network in order to perform.  Using VPN (Virtual Private Network) software, you can perform these actions without being physically at a GPC campus.

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