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Please complete the following form if you are faculty that wish to include syndicated course content on the GPC iTunes U site.
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GPC Rewind RSS feeds - list the course and section number
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To find feeds for:
  • GPC Rewind:  Log in to GPC Rewind at and click on a lecture you have made available under the Echoes tab.  The RSS feed for this section is at the top of the selected Echo page.  Copy this and paste above.  If you do not see RSS feeds on this page, you must request for an RSS feed to be generated for your section.  Please enter this request in the Additional Comments section below.
  • USG Podcast Server:  Log in to the USG Podcasting server at  Copy the "Manual Subscription Address" found under the "Choose Share Channel Option" pop-up menu. Paste this URL into the form above.  If you have multiple channels for your course, paste all that apply.
  • If you need to create a new USG podcast channel please click here.
Please note any additional comments here
In order to link your content to iCollege the iTunes U Administrator must temporarily access your iCollege section.  This is a once per semester event (unless you require additional technical assistance).  In accordance with Georgia Perimeter College policy, this must be disclosed.
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