Lecture and Presentation Capture

Remember the golden days when students brought tape recorders to class to record a lecture?  Through our GPC Rewind service or using customized presentation capture software,  faculty members can record their classroom lectures or student presentations and then publish them later for review. 
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GPC Rewind

Through the use of the Echo360® system, GPC Rewind automatically creates, produces, manages and shares instructional content for learning modules and tutorials.  The source of the content can be audio, video, or content from classroom document cameras and Sympodiums.  Built-in, simple editing capability allows instructors and staff to easily delete unwanted sections of the recordings.  The finished product can be automatically delivered to iCollege (streaming) and  iTunes U (podcasts).   GPC Rewind can also be used from an instructor's office to record short "mini" lectures.  For more information or to schedule a lecture capture session, visit our GPC Rewind webpage

Student Speech Recording System

Student Speech recording system combines technology components such as server based storage, desktop computers, Windows media,  ceiling mounted microphones, cameras and DVD burning capabilities are integrated to create a system that enhances the student learning experience. 
This System:
  • Provides instructors  the ability to digitally record, store and manage student speeches. 
  • Provides students with read only accessibility for viewing recorded speeches from workstations located in each classroom following each recording.  In addition student can request copy of speech from instructor for personal viewing outside of class.
  • Provides faculty access to recorded speeches via secure server shared space from their office. This is necessary to protect FERPA data from open access.  Also to provide faculty with access beyond their classroom meeting times.
These systems are available in:
  • Decatur, SB2200
  • Clarkston, CE1150 or CE2150
  • Dunwoody, NA1100 or NE0370
  • Newton, 1N1230 or 1N1250
There are two students viewing stations available in each classroom. 
Student Speech Viewing Station
Training and Documentation
For assistance with using the speech recording software, submit a Service Desk ticket or call 678-891-3460.

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