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Staff WorkingGeorgia Perimeter College provides a variety of technology tools to staff.  Technology tools are aligned with the various contexts of use such as media delivery and department and staff websites.


Media Delivery

How can I record informational or instructional tutorials for my department audience?  Can I create a podcast?  What other options are available for audio, video, and interactive communication?

Online Lectures and Meetings

How can I meet with faculty, students, staff, and others online?  What is Wimba Classroom?  How do I obtain access to a Wimba Classroom?  What interactions are possible in the Wimba Classroom?


ePublishing & Mobile Technology

What is ePublishing?  What instructional or campus support is there for mobile learning?


Department and Staff Websites

How can I create a department or a staff website?  What software do I use to create a website for my department or personal website?


Instructional Design Lab & Faculty/Staff Equipment Checkout

Where can I get help using all of these technology tools?  What technology tools are available to me in the Instructional Design Lab?  How can the Instructional Design Lab support my instruction?

All Tools:

GPC Software

What software is available on my GPC computer and in regular and computer classrooms?  What specialty software is available for instructional design?  Are there specific software that my department uses?



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