GPC will begin phasing out Wimba Classroom starting March 3,  2014.  Wimba Classroom will no longer be supported beginning August 1, 2014.
Blackboard Collaborate* will replace Wimba classroom. 
There are two ways you can use Blackboard Collaborate:
  1.  Via iCollege—Blackboard Collaborate can be added to your iCollege classes via the External Learning Tool just like Wimba Classroom.

This is great for using Blackboard Collaborate with your students.

  1. Outside of iCollege- Blackboard Collaborate can be used with GPC employees, students, and guests without logging into iCollege.  Anyone can request their own Blackboard Collaborate room.  These rooms are accessed by links that you can send to anyone you like.  You simply request your own room via the request form.  Once you make your request you will receive an email with the links to your room.

You should begin planning how you will transition to Blackboard Collaborate now!

You will need to be ready to use Blackboard Collaborate by August 1, 2014!