There is still time to register for second-half term classes!

Newly admitted students should review their Next Steps. Please note that there is still time to apply to the college for second half classes. The last date to apply for second half will be September 11, 2015 for all documents. If all documents have not been received by this date we cannot guarantee the October start date.

Available August 23 through October 1, 2015. . .
On-campus and Web registration is still available for second-half term classes.
New students must complete Online Orientation (part one) prior to registering for classes. Click here to begin:
Payment is due at the time of registration. See the academic calendar for the dates for drops for non-payment under the Fee Payment tab.

First day of second half classes / Schedule adjustment (on-campus only); Monday, October 12, 2015.

To review the second-half class schedule, click here: Schedule of Classes

To web register for second-half classes go online beginning August 23 through October 1, 2015, click here: Registration Instructions
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DAYS: U-Sunday, M-Monday, T-Tuesday, W-Wednesday, R-Thursday, F-Friday, S-Saturday
  Clarkston  Bldg D (Science)-2130  11396  ENSL 0091-151  8:00AM  10:45AM  MTWR  APPLIED GRAMMAR III  Ann Sarnat  10 
 Clarkston  Bldg F (Fine Arts)-1180  11431  FILM 1010-100  11:00AM  1:45PM  MTWR  INTRODUCTION TO FILM  Elizabeth Lathrop  23 
 Clarkston  Bldg A (Int'l Center/ESL-FL)-1401  10081  HIST 1112-100  11:00AM  1:45PM  MTWR  SURVEY OF WORLD HIST FROM 1500  Marc Zayac  25 
 Clarkston  Bldg B (Bus/Soc.Sci)-2302  11037  HIST 2111-103  2:00PM  4:45PM  MTWR  UNITED STATES HISTORY I  Beryl Kalisa  30 
 Clarkston  Bldg F (Fine Arts)-1180  11430  PRSP 1010-101  2:00PM  4:45PM  MTWR  PERSPECTIVE ON CRITICAL ISSUES  Elizabeth Lathrop  14 
  Dunwoody  Administration (A)-2200  11239  ACCT 2102-208  11:00AM  1:45PM  MTWR  PRIN. OF ACCT. II  Dennis Dickinson  31 
 Dunwoody  Classroom & Office (E)-0100  11299  ANTH 1102-203  11:00AM  1:45PM  MTWR  INTRODUCTION TO ANTHROPOLOGY  Chancy Gatlin  28 
 Dunwoody  Administration (A)-1100  11220  COMM 1201-201  8:00AM  10:45AM  MTWR  PUBLIC SPEAKING  Susan Hughes-Isley  15 
 Dunwoody  Classroom & Office (E)-0370  11221  COMM 1201-202  8:00AM  10:45AM  MTWR  PUBLIC SPEAKING  Richard Lindner  16 
 Dunwoody  Classroom & Office (E)-0370  11223  COMM 1201-217  11:00AM  1:45PM  MTWR  PUBLIC SPEAKING  Richard Lindner  9 
 Dunwoody  Administration (A)-1120  11181  ENGL 1101-212  11:00AM  1:45PM  MW  ENGLISH COMPOSITION I  Harmon Johnson  18 
 Dunwoody  Administration (A)-2170  11181  ENGL 1101-212  11:00AM  1:45PM  TR  ENGLISH COMPOSITION I  Harmon Johnson  18 
 Dunwoody  Administration (A)-2220  11170  ENGL 1102-212  11:00AM  1:45PM  MTWR  ENGLISH COMPOSITION II  Jeremiah Benning  10 
 Dunwoody  Classroom (D)-1220  11330  ENSL 0091-231  11:00AM  1:45PM  MTWR  APPLIED GRAMMAR III  Euguenia Novokshanova  12 
 Dunwoody  Classroom (D)-1260  11089  HIST 2111-202  2:00PM  4:45PM  MTWR  UNITED STATES HISTORY I  John Cunningham  17 
 Dunwoody  Administration (A)-1140  11232  JOUR 2601-200  11:00AM  1:45PM  MTWR  FEATURES WRITING  Susan Hughes-Isley  6 
 Dunwoody  Classroom & Office (E)-0230  11100  POLS 1101-206  11:00AM  1:45PM  MTWR  AMERICAN GOVERNMENT  Kyle Barbieri  13 
 Dunwoody  Classroom & Office (E)-0230  11101  POLS 1101-207  2:00PM  4:45PM  MTWR  AMERICAN GOVERNMENT  Kyle Barbieri  15 
 Dunwoody  Classroom & Office (E)-0260  11196  RSCH 1203-204  10:00AM  11:50AM  MW  RESEARCH STRATEGIES/TECHNOLOGY  Neeley Gossett  10 
 Dunwoody  Classroom & Office (E)-0260  11198  RSCH 1203-206  10:00AM  11:50AM  TR  RESEARCH STRATEGIES/TECHNOLOGY   STAFF  17 
 Dunwoody  Classroom & Office (E)-0320  11310  SOCI 1101-204  2:00PM  4:45PM  MTWR  INTRODUCTION TO SOCIOLOGY  Sherry Smith  22 
 Dunwoody  Classroom (D)-1150  11281  SPAN 2002-230  11:00AM  1:45PM  MTWR  INTERMEDIATE SPANISH II  Carolina Ghanem-Cameron  11 
  Online  -  10275  ACCT 2101-050  N/A  N/A    PRIN. OF ACCT. I  Laura King  12 
 Online  -  10283  ACCT 2102-055  N/A  N/A    PRIN. OF ACCT. II  Debora Constable  9 
 Online  -  10284  ACCT 2102-056  N/A  N/A    PRIN. OF ACCT. II  Joe Patterson  10 
 Online  -  10319  BISM 2601-050  N/A  N/A    BUSINESS INFORMATION SYSTEMS  Nancy Aquilo  23 
 Online  -  10320  BISM 2601-051  N/A  N/A    BUSINESS INFORMATION SYSTEMS  Teresa Adams  15 
 Online  -  10359  BUSA 2106-050  N/A  N/A    Legal and Ethical Env of Bus  Leslie Ann Dunn  13 
 Online  -  10360  BUSA 2106-051  N/A  N/A    Legal and Ethical Env of Bus  Leslie Ann Dunn  26 
 Online  -  10421  ECON 2105-050  N/A  N/A    PRINCIPLES OF MACROECONOMICS  Bettie LaDuke  14 
 Online  -  10422  ECON 2105-051  N/A  N/A    PRINCIPLES OF MACROECONOMICS  Anan Sturgess  18 
 Online  -  10424  ECON 2106-051  N/A  N/A    PRINCIPLES OF MICROECONOMICS  Melissa Trussell  16 
 Online  -  10635  GEOG 1101-050  N/A  N/A    INTRO. TO HUMAN GEOGRAPHY  George Lonberger  26 
 Online  -  11500  HIST 1111-052  N/A  N/A    SURVEY OF WORLD HIST TO 1500  Marc Zayac  29 
 Online  -  10943  HIST 2112-050  N/A  N/A    UNITED STATES HISTORY II  Susan McGrath  28 
 Online  -  10944  HIST 2112-051  N/A  N/A    UNITED STATES HISTORY II  Robert Alderson  1 
 Online  -  11495  HUMN 1301-060  N/A  N/A    HUMANITIES THROUGH THE ARTS  Nicolette Rose  19 
 Online  -  10537  PHED 1101-050  N/A  N/A    CHOICES FOR LIFE  Nancy Storey  14 
 Online  -  10538  PHED 1101-051  N/A  N/A    CHOICES FOR LIFE  Donya Little  3 
 Online  -  10827  POLS 1101-052  N/A  N/A    AMERICAN GOVERNMENT  Barbara Robertson  31 
 Online  -  10731  PSYC 1101-051  N/A  N/A    INTRO. TO GENERAL PSYCHOLOGY  Michelle Wright  4 
 Online  -  10762  PSYC 2621-050  N/A  N/A    INTRO TO ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY  April Crisp  10 
 Online  -  10645  SOCI 1101-050  N/A  N/A    INTRODUCTION TO SOCIOLOGY  William Guyton  2