General Setup Instructions for FrontPage

Under Tools, go to Page Options

Under Compatibility: 
Browsers >> choose Both Internet Explorer and Navigator 
Browser Versions >> 4.0 and later 
Servers >> Apache Server 
UNCHECK >> Enabled with Front Page Extensions 

Under HTML Source:
General >> When saving file(s) >> Make sure preserve existing HTML is checked

Adding the GPC Look as a FrontPage Template

1. Download A Template Here

2. Save it in your "My Documents" directory (local drive).

3. Open this file in FrontPage. Then, make any changes IN THE HTML VIEW that are specific to your site that you would like in the file for your use, i.e., the AUTHOR meta tag.

4. Go to Save As 

5. In the drop down Save as File Type choose FrontPage Template 

6. In the Save In drop down box, navigate to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Templates\1033\Pages\ 

7. It will prompt you to name the template, name it GPC Look. 

8. Now, when they choose, File >> New >> Page, the GPC Look template will be listed as a choice and all of the php will be seen in the source (HTML view).

Getting FrontPage to Recognize Files with the PHP3 or PHP Extensions

1. Go to Tools >> Options >> Configure Editors 

2. Choose Add 

3. Insert php3 in File Type 

4. Insert FrontPage in Editor Name. 

5. Insert C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\frontpg.exe in Command. 

6. Click OK, FrontPage will now recognize php3 when opening a file with this extension. 

7. Repeat for any other extension they are using (i.e., php)