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Copy a Template

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Adding a Side Menu

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Ending the Page

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Adding a Counter Hiding Email Addresses
Creating Graphical Buttons

Hiding Your Email Address

Spammers regularly scan our website for email addresses to use in their spam emails. We have implemented a function that will scramble your email address on your page. When the user clicks on this link, they will be taken to an email form to send you an email. Add this code within your SOURCE. It will produce a link to the email form for sending to your address.
Note: Hiding an email address in the sidemenu requires different code, please see "To link to an email address" table cell within side menu example code at Adding a Side Menu.

For example: My link would look like this

 <script language = "php">
hide_email_link("pjoseph", "Pam Joseph");


To add a counter to your page add these lines after the EndGPC function call at the end of your page within the php tags. Contact the GPC Service Desk to request database tables be entered to store your data.

Here is an example of how the bottom of your html code should look:

<script language = "php">



This will produce this output on the footer of your page:

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Page was last updated on Wednesday March 27, 2002 at 3:36:35 pm.

Technical Note

The college's main pages were all done using the PHP3 instructions shown in this page. These instructions automatically generate the HTML instructions needed to display the page. This way, if a change is made to the standards the college follows, all of the pages are automatically updated when the web master updates the PHP3 Template.