Obtaining a Web Directory

There are 2 types of web directories available: personal and departmental.

Personal web directories are available to all faculty and staff that have a GPC email account. To have your personal web directory enabled please send an email to the Service Desk.

Departmental web directories are available to departments affiliated with GPC. To obtain a departmental directory send an email to the Service Desk. OIT recommends that you obtain a departmental web directory rather than having departmental-related web pages stored in a personal directory. Keep in mind that when an individual leaves the college their website is removed. This means that any departmental pages that were in that individuals web directory would be gone!

When contacting the Service Desk be sure to include the following information:

  • Department head approval.
  • Description/purpose.
  • The owner's name for the account.  This is the person that will be responsible for the email and he can disseminate the account name and password to those he/she wishes to gain access to the email/directory for development.
  • If this is a district (college-wide) or campus department.
  • Desired directory name.  This name will appear after the .edu/ in the gpc address. Campus-wide directories start with gpc. Campus directories start with the campus abbreviated, i.e., Clarkston directories start with cla. The directory name can be only 8 chararcters long, including the gpc or campus prefix.

Another advantage to obtaining a departmental web directory is that you'll also receive a departmental email account. For example, the Training Department has the email address training@gpc.edu. This email account can be checked by everyone in the department so the responsibility doesn't fall on just one person in the department. Instructions for adding a departmental email account to Outlook are available on the training website.

Once you have your personal or departmental web directory set up you should use Microsoft FrontPage to develop your pages. Many full time faculty and staff can obtain Microsoft Office including FrontPage for home use by using the Software Request form.

Once your pages are developed you may use FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to publish you pages to your web directory on the web server.

Training is available on creating web pages. You may use the handouts on FrontPage and FTP or attend classes.

All departmental websites are required to use the GPC Look and Feel. The training handouts and classes address the GPC Look and Feel.

Please be aware, that you are the owner of your web directory. The owner of the web directory is responsible for safekeeping of the login and password and all content (pages) published to that directory.