Step One:
Copy a Template

Step Two:
Adding a Side Menu

Alternate Copy &
Paste Method:
Starting the Page


Ending the Page

Extras: FrontPage Settings Optional Elements
Adding a Counter Hiding Email Addresses
Creating Graphical Buttons

If you Saved a Template, you may Skip this Step

Every page that follows the "GPC Look" must begin with a certain block of code so that everything is set up correctly. All of the other commands (footer and optional text elements) on this page require that this block of code be the first thing on your page. Right-click and copy the following block of code and paste into the beginning of your document following the <body> tag into your SOURCE code:

Important:  You must paste the code into the SOURCE of your document NOT into the Normal View 

Make sure that after pasting the code that the <  and > signs do not change to &lt; and &gt; or the " does not change to &quot; in your source.

Replace Your Title with the Title you want on your Web Page, this is required.

If you do NOT want a side menu, set the change the value in the $lmargin to "0".
The width of the side menu cannot be changed from the default template size.

If you would like a side menu, enter the file name within the quotes. If you are using this menu across directories, you'll need to enter the absolute address, i.e., $sidemenu="yourmenu.htm";.

If you do NOT want a sidemenu, change the $sidemenu value to $sidemenu="";.