My page is out of alignment.

  • Side menu cannot be seen - covered by the spotlight picture
  • Content falls below side menu
There is an extra closing </div> tag in your html code. View the HTML of your page and delete any extra closing </div> tags that do not have an opening parent <div> tag.

I cannot make my side menu larger.

  • Links wrap within the sidemenu box.
  • Links are cut off and fall behind the sidemenu border box.
For the sake of consistency throughout the website, the width of the side menu can no longer be sized. Your choices are no side menu at all by setting your $lmargin="0" or leaving the default $lmargin="125" to size your side menu according to the template. Please see how to set your $lmargin value here. If you would like to differentiate each wrapped link, you may put your links in an unordered list. An unordered list will look like:

Example Unordered List Code:
<ul class="menu">
<li>Menu Item #1</li>
<li>Menu Item #2</li>

My website still shows the old GPC Look.

  • I have the old logo in my header.
  • I have the old look.
Your HTML was copied from an existing page back when the old look was in place. For your look to be changed automatically, you must use the GPC Look and Feel PHP code within your page. Please see the instructions here. Note: You must include the PHP code at the beginning of your page AND also the EndGPC(); code at the end of the page (before the </body> tag)to finish your page.

Some of my content on my page is overlapping.

  • I have several tables on my page and one table overlaps with the other.
  • The footer of the page is showing within my content
View the HTML source of your page. Find the table tag. Remove the height="###" (# will be the size associated with this table in pixels ) part of the table tag. Note: Height is not an official parameter of the table tag and will not be rendered consistently across browsers.

I can't change my font.

  • All my content text is black. I want red, blue, yellow, etc.
  • I like to use another font, but it won't change in my text.
  • I want my text to be larger (or smaller), but it won't change in my text.
Font characteristics (type, face, color, size) and specific styles cannot and should not be changed. These are all set for you with the GPC style sheet that will applied to your text when viewing from the browser. You may bold, italize, or use header tags (H1-H5) to emphasize text. Font tags are deprecated and are not ADA compliant. Our style sheet applies the appropriate size to allow the user to be able to change the size of their font within their browsers for sight-impaired users. Please do NOT use any other settings, styles, etc., from within FrontPage to change your text characteristics.